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Times To Butt Out Of Ship Casinos

The world continues to close in on smokers. One of the last places where smokers can still light up are gaming establishments. For whatever reason, smoking and gambling seem to be partners.

On land and at sea.

Casinos on land usually have a non-smoking area. Presumably, these areas will grow in size as there are more non-smokers, which seems to be happening in society. Casinos at Casino smoke-freesea aren’t usually large enough to designate a portion of the space as non-smoking. Instead, they’ve done what we noticed — and not for the first time — on the Star Princess.

Smoke-free days.

A day or two per cruise is earmarked as non-smoking on a growing number of cruise ships. On the Star Princess, during a one-week Alaska cruise, there were two. In Asia, where it feels like a higher percentage of the population smokes, in many large outdoor areas — from Angkor Wat in Cambodia and the Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam — smoking is not allowed.

If you’re one of the people who stays away from cruise-ship casinos because you can’t deal with the smoke, let the cruise line know. And if you’re one of the passengers who would stay away from the casino if you couldn’t smoke, let the cruise line know.

In the end, the impact on the cruise line’s bottom line is likely to determine how often the “no smoking” signs will be posted.

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Norwegian Jewel
5 nights
September 29, 2015
Vancouver, Victoria, Astoria, Los Angeles
Inside: $199
Cost per day: $39

Case Against Smokers Thickens

Earlier this year, there was yet another independent survey on smoking. Specifically, smoking on cruise ships.

Doing the math was, if nothing else, interesting.

According to the survey, 48% of cruisers want smoking on cruise ships banned. Completely. No smoking on the deck, nor in the stateroom, bar or designated smoking area. Butt out.

According to the survey, another 27% want smokers to be in a designated area. Butt in.

And 14% said smoking should be allowed in cabins. They’re the hard-cores.

The bottom line is the day will come when smoking is banned on cruise ships, or at least some of them. Positioned as pariahs in the western world, smokers are losing their independence…first because reformed smokers have made them that, and increasingly because it is becoming “illegal” to smoke in public places.

But that’s public places in countries. What country is sea?

Grand Princess
14 nights
November 24, 2012
Fort Lauderdale (return): Back-to-back Caribbean
Inside $1,198

Another Battleground for (non) Smokers

News item: Carnival conducts an experiment to ban smoking in more areas of its ships.

This, if you’ll pardon the expression, is a hot one. For people who smoke, being deprived of their right to do so can enrage them. For people who  don’t smoke, being subjected to the loss of fresh air (among other things) can enrage them.

We have been on both sides, except for the enraged part. We used to smoke, a long time ago. That makes us reformed smokers, or born-again non-smokers, which immediately seems to brand us as having no tolerance for people and cigarettes or cigars.

We try to exercise tolerance. As smokers, we never realized how unpleasant our habit was to others. The smell, the cloud of ash, the health hazards that in those days were just a rumor. Having been there, we realize it’s not easy for people to quit even if they want to, so we try to cut them a little slack.

In return, we expect a little understanding about why we sometimes feel violated by smoke. It’s not holier-than-thou, nor bragging because we quit. There will always be a place for smokers, because there will always be smokers, so the word should be “compromise.” Like, in specified open areas of the deck, okay. On balconies, not okay.

Carnival’s experiment is a foregone conclusion: There will be smoking. This cruise line probably knows it better than any. A previous non-smoking test on a ship (the Paradise) died in the water after two years because of profits, or lack of same. The same thing happens to non-smoking areas in casinos everywhere and, unless it’s been legislated otherwise, in bars.

There just aren’t enough of us who like cruising and casinos…and who don’t smoke.

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