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Groupies Love the Coq

From Fark, I finally got around to reading the CNN 2005’s 101 Dumbest Moments in Business. Lots of errant stupidity, but the best item was this:
In July, Burger King launches an ad campaign for its new Chicken Fries featuring a faux heavy-metal band called CoqRoq. initially features photos of female fans captioned “Groupies love the Coq.” After the captions are removed, Burger King spokeswoman Edna Johnson tells Advertising Age that they were written and assigned randomly by computer software that has since been disabled.
Burger King’s marketing team are, IMHO, a little retarded. Lots of people went gaga over their bizarro “Subservient Chicken” campaign, but I don’t quite get it — the product tie-in is pretty tenuous in both cases, and seems to be more of a “create a intarweb phenomenon” than a “sell more sandwiches” approach.

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Accidental Monkey Porn

I’m not really a big fan of physical/scatalogical humor. Dumb and Dumber had about four funny parts for me. Austin Powers 2 wasn’t funny, and I completely skipped 3.
But I’m still immature at heart, so I can lapse.
Friends of the family gave this monkey sprinkler to Gareth last year, and our weather was so abysmal, we never used it. We did, however, look at it, and chuckle. Here’s why:

Both Frances and I kinda chuckled, and shook our heads, wondering what the monkey has coming out of his cup. I think it’s a straw.
Whatever. It looks like a dink, and it’s got the consistency of a condom. And, it shoots water out the end. Who on the seven continents designed this thing for kids? Or really for anyone, other than those who are into seeing female monkey keisters?
For those interested, it’s a “Soft Squirts Sprinkler” made by Miracles4Fun. Their web site calls the phallic object in question a “Wacky Action Sprayer.” It’s whack-y, all right.
Anyways, we hook it up to the hose, and prepare to be amused. Our soft squirt friend didn’t disappoint.
Check out the video. That is one excited monkey.

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My good friend Tyler is a smart guy (pictured here with her hotness, Lisa Loeb, songstress extraordinaire). Really. But he gets himself caught in these twisted bits of info that humour those of us around him to no end (kind of like my apparent ability to wreck bits of machinery inadvertently). I have lots of examples, but today was a great one, via MSN:
FOTW says: (11:08:02 AM)

FOTW says: (11:08:02 AM)
dude… need some “Canadian Icons” … things that you see and think Canada
FOTW says: (11:10:07 AM)
what’s that building in Ottawa called with the big clock in it
Liquado says: (11:10:32 AM)
um, Parliament?
FOTW says: (11:10:35 AM)
Liquado says: (11:10:41 AM)
Liquado says: (11:10:53 AM)
saving this conversation
FOTW says: (11:11:00 AM)

Tyler’s gonna kill me when he sees this. Too bad he has to wait three months to do so.

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The Honda FR-V

I was expecting a standard feature review of this new six-seater Honda wen I found it at the Independent Online; I wasn’t expecting to read a description like this:
The central front seat is the most useless of all. Whoever finds themselves cajoled into this untenable position will find a gear knob sprouting from their right knee like a misplaced phallus.

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Bombay Peggy’s and the Sourtoe Cocktail

Idle conversation at the office turned to an article that my coworker Cory had read earlier, about “some drink that had a pickled severed toe in it.”
Off to Google, and we found the story as told by Don Reddick, as well as one guy’s experience drinking the toe.
Do it fast or do it slow, but the lips must touch the toe.

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