Accidental Monkey Porn

I’m not really a big fan of physical/scatalogical humor. Dumb and Dumber had about four funny parts for me. Austin Powers 2 wasn’t funny, and I completely skipped 3.
But I’m still immature at heart, so I can lapse.
Friends of the family gave this monkey sprinkler to Gareth last year, and our weather was so abysmal, we never used it. We did, however, look at it, and chuckle. Here’s why:

Both Frances and I kinda chuckled, and shook our heads, wondering what the monkey has coming out of his cup. I think it’s a straw.
Whatever. It looks like a dink, and it’s got the consistency of a condom. And, it shoots water out the end. Who on the seven continents designed this thing for kids? Or really for anyone, other than those who are into seeing female monkey keisters?
For those interested, it’s a “Soft Squirts Sprinkler” made by Miracles4Fun. Their web site calls the phallic object in question a “Wacky Action Sprayer.” It’s whack-y, all right.
Anyways, we hook it up to the hose, and prepare to be amused. Our soft squirt friend didn’t disappoint.
Check out the video. That is one excited monkey.

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