The 'Magic' of Going to New York

The Carnival Miracle will be sailing 8-day cruises to the Caribbean and the Bahamas out of New York in the spring of 2012. Yes, that is next spring, isn’t it? We don’t know about you but “8-day cruises” and “Caribbean” and “Bahamas” are not what excites us about this news.

It’s the “New York.”

We know people who have never actually been to the Big Apple. They don’t know what they’re missing…and it’s not a cruise ship. By having more cruises departing from New York, Carnival is giving cruisers like us an excuse to go a few days early (normally we only arrive a day or so ahead of departure, but we’re willing to bend the rules for New York).

Yes, it can be expensive. Yes, it is busy. Yes, you have to use common sense. And yes, it is exciting.

Seeing a Broadway play in New York can only be rivaled by seeing one in London. People watching in New York can’t be rivaled anywhere — or anywhere we’ve been. Variety of cuisine is in a class by itself. Choice of hotels and sporting events and history is…well, you really have to be there.

And now Carnival’s Magic is giving us another reason to do so.

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