Cruise Clear Thinking in Cloudy Time

And this is why cruise lines, as with other businesses, hire companies to handle public relations…

Just over a year ago, six months of planning was about to reach a climax with the launch of the new Celebrity Eclipse in Southampton, an hour south of London. Coincidentally, the ash cloud from a volcano in Iceland brought European air travel to a standstill. By the way, exactly one year later we were on the Celebrity Eclipse…in Southampton…minus the cloud.

The PR agency working with Celebrity on the ship’s launch, Siren, convinced its client to change the event to the launch of a “repatriation cruise” and rescue 2,500 British (mostly) travelers stranded in Bilbao, Spain. Siren succeeded in achieving 198 separate TV reports, and “good press” everywhere for Celebrity, despite having limited communications from and to the ship.

Last week, Siren received two “communication industry Oscars” — CIPR Excellence Awards — one in Media Relations, one in the Broadcast category.

And the need for PR agencies just went up.

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