The Crude Impact on Cruising

A cruise line that’s unknown to many may have an impact on the prices we pay for cruising over the months ahead. Starting tomorrow, Fred.Olsen Cruise Lines begins charging a fuel surcharge for guests on its four ships, all with a capacity between 800 and 1,350 guests. Imitation being the greatest form of flattery, will other lines follow suit?

The rest of the cruise world will surely be looking for a public reaction when the appropriately named Black Watch leaves Southampton tomorrow with Captain Thorbjorn Lund at the controls, on a 13-night Mediterranean cruise. Will the Black Watch be filled to capacity, and will there by an outcry about the surcharge if it is?

On this side of the Atlantic, even as crude prices surged to an 18-month high (over $87 a barrel) yesterday, the more familiar cruise lines followed Carnival’s leading in maintaining “no plans” to bring back the hated surcharge are imminent. If the surcharge returns, which would seem inevitable, at least this time there will some warning as many cruisers now watch the price-per-barrel every day. Yes, who would have thought?

Fred.Olsen, which sails mostly on the west coast of Europe and Africa, is charging customers £3 per person per day, or about US$4.60. For a couple cruising on the Black Watch this week, that’s an extra $120, more annoying than onerous but nonetheless the price we pay to cruise. In the case of Fred.Olsen, passengers are already accustomed to paying an extra 2% on all credit card charges, so maybe it’s not that big a deal.

And speaking of the “cost” of oil, cruise companies are now monitoring the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico to see if they have to change the courses of ships scheduled to sail in the gulf.

That’s it…we’re done.

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