When Cruise Ships Change Plans

PUNTARENAS, Costa Rica — You know how they’re always telling you on cruise ships that you better sign up for a shore excursion with the cruise line because the ship will never leave without you.
Let us share a little story with you. The last time we were in this beautiful country of 4.5 million friendly people and maybe even a few unfriendly ones (actually it was the only time but “last time” makes us sound like we do this more than we do), our cruise-line shore excursion was about a half-hour late leaving the port because there was some kind of labor dispute.
It was a three-stage tour that we call trains, planes and automobiles after the John Candy movie, even though it was actually train, boat and bus.

Somewhere on the fascinating Tarcoles River, among the birds, crocodiles and mangrove trees, we lost a little more time.

When the bus pulled up to the dock, it was 45 minutes after the ship’s scheduled departure. The ship was still there. Had we taken a non-cruise line shore excursion and been that late, we’d have had to find a flight from there to Manta, Ecuador, the next stop.

Right, nothing to it!

That’s it…we’re done.

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  1. Barbra Bishop says:

    Love the “no swimming – crocodiles” sign!

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