Jory Nash – When I Walk Out

Because this is a fantastic song, and I couldn’t find the lyrics anywhere else…


When I Walk Out – By Jory Nash

The last thing she told me

Before she died

She laughed at the pain in her head

And her eyes went wide

Said I’ve been angry

And I’ve been devout

But I won’t be anything

When I walk out

Yeah when I walk out


There are souls in the ocean

There are bones in the ground

There are places inside of the heart

That I have not found

What do I tell him

Do I scream and shout

Do I offer the slightest of virtues

When I walk out

Yeah when I walk out


Caught in the time

And the need to define it

Don’t even know that now

I thought to myself an emotional terrible vow

Everyone tries this, everyone tries

To be like they were before

Ageless and silent

But never no more


There once was a soldier

Who would not fight

He carried the weight of the world

As was his right

What would I carry

What would I be about

Would they curse me or maybe do worse

When I walk out

When I walk out

Oh when I walk out

Yeah when I walk out

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