Ships and Yachts for Honeymooners

Our wedding was so long ago it was before The Love Boat, so any thought there was of honeymooning on a cruise ship wasn’t one even the rich and famous entertained. All these years later, it’s just another marketing tool for cruise lines to offer the budding bride and groom. And if they’re really clever, like the people at SeaDream Yacht Club and CruiseOne, they’ll even come up with the opportunity to have somebody else pay for your honeymoon.

At SeaDream, where “it’s yachting, not sailing,” there’s a contest for couples getting married this summer. Ones with creative friends and family need apply. They’re the ones who will promote the bride and groom, as in why they should be the contest winners and go on a week-long, five-star cruise (oops, yacht trip) in the Greek Islands. Friends and family can promote their favorite wedding couple via email, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and personal blogs. They’re calling it a $20,000 honeymoon but, at today’s price for a euro, they’re selling passage on the SeaDream I for that week at less than $4,000, so there must be some upgrades, like the honeymoon suite for starters.

There’s not much about it on SeaDream’s website, but all the details are at an affiliated honeymoon website.

It’s open to honeymooners from everywhere, as long as the “promotions” are in by the end of July. Winners will be announced in early August. The ship sails — or yachts — on September 11 from Dubrovnik, Croatia.

At CruiseOne, there’s a “honeymoon cruise registry.” That means all those people who bring nice gifts for the new husband and wife can, instead, contribute to your cruise fund.

You set up the registry, pick the cruise, and your guests make contributions in increments of $25, after they’ve visited the website to see where you’re going, as “their guests.”

It all seems pretty straightforward…and one of us thinks it sure beats shopping!

Incidentally, is there still a Love Boat?

That’s it, we’re done.

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