Concordia Disaster Minimized by Wind

Just when we thought enough had been written about the Costa Concordia, we found ourselves watching a recording of a documentary on The Discovery Channel about the disaster that bears repeating.

That’s what great sisters and brothers-in-law are for, isn’t it…to help with the research?

Anyway, while there was no news in the Concordia documentary (the boat still sank), there was some chilling footage and graphic illustrations that we hadn’t seen before this. And the biggest shocker of all was how many people could’ve — or maybe should’ve — perished in this horrific tragedy.

For us, the one puzzling aspect from reading the stories and seeing the photos of the Concordia on its starboard side was why the bow was facing south when the ship had been travelling north. In this documentary, the question was answered.

Once the Concordia completely lost power and was drifting away from Giglio Island into open waters, strong south-westerly winds blew the ship first in a clockwise direction, and ultimately back towards the island. As it filled with water, the Concordia rolled onto its starboard side to rest where it still rests today, on a rocky shelf.

The point is, if the wind hadn’t blown the ship back, it would have rolled in water almost 400 feet deep…and sunk to the bottom of the sea.

At last count, the bodies of almost 30 people have been recovered. If not for that wind, the count would have been in the hundreds, maybe thousands.

In all that we’ve read about the mishap, we had never read that.

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