Cruise Challenge: North to Alaska!

Okay, so we’ve been landlocked for three weeks now, and there’s nothing on the cruise agenda. It must be time to find a ship’s itinerary with “Alaska” in it. With all the major cruise lines sailing north from Seattle or Vancouver, there are still summer deals to be had.

So the timing is good. Except for one thing.

If it’s a one-way 7-night cruise, there is the problem of getting there, or getting back. When it comes to busy airports, Anchorage isn’t exactly Atlanta for flight options.

Research is wonderful. So is the Travel Queen, who thinks she is always entitled to being able to use frequent flyer points IN ADDITION to getting a good deal on a cruise. Knock yourself out, I said.

She’s still working at shaving the costs down to her liking, but the one thing she did find out is that there’s good news on the frequent flyer front.

Alaska Airlines still has points tickets available this summer — for almost every day in July and August, from Seattle to Anchorage, Anchorage to Seattle, Vancouver to Anchorage, and Anchorage to Vancouver.

Now all she has to do is find the right cruise — and the money!

That’s it…we’re done.

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