Repositioning Cruises Best Value

Okay, so we’re suckers for repositioning cruises. In part, it’s because the prices just seem too compelling and in part it’s because there’s a certain spirit of adventure that comes with them. Consequently, when we go searching for good deals to pass along to you, there will undoubtedly be some on ships moving from one part of the ocean to another, for a seasonal change.

And yes, repositioning cruises aren’t for everybody. For example, the one (okay, two) we found this week require that you be a little creative. Also that you have deep pockets or frequent flyer points, because repositioning cruises ALWAYS mean you have to fly somewhere.

Here goes.

They’re both Royal Caribbean, both in November, which means leaving Europe for the New World. One cruise-book journalist, Kay Showker, calls repositioning cruises “about the best value in cruising.” Well, how good is $30 per person per night?

The Splendour of the Seas leaves Barcelona on November 27, arriving 15 days later in Sao Paul, Brazil. We did say you had to be creative. That’s the $30 price point ($459 per person) but you could have a suite for $67 a night — a SUITE! — if you book at and if you’ve previously cruised on Royal Caribbean. On the cruise line’s website, it’s still only $72.

Then, of course, you have to get home from Brazil. And did we mention getting to Barcelona for the embarkation?

One day later, November 28, the Adventure of the Seas departs Barcelona on a 15-night cruise ($766, or $55 per night). This one’s a little more workable than the Splendour because it winds up in Puerto Rico, substantially closer to home.

Now, about those frequent flyer points…

That’s it, we’re done!

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