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Wow….just, wow

After a seriously nerdy conversation about Dungeons & Dragons last weekend at camp, I went searching for a suggested D&D webcomic. This was one I found.
Sigh. Fundamentalists — taking the fun out of life, one activity at a time.

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Well, whaddya know…..

….rabbits do do it that much:

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1986 April Fool’s in Vancouver

Reading’s story this morning about the top ten April Fool’s Day hoaxes, I was reminded of what I to this day think was one of the best — ever.
Like the hip kids say, Vancouver got punk’d.
spruce.jpgI remember in 1986, Rock 101.1, a Vancouver radio station, announced that Howard Hughes

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Clark, The Canadian Hockey Goalie

Courtesy of Tyler G, hilarity from Video Dog @ By the way, Video Dog — your embed code is a nightmare.

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George Takei Kicks Ass

George Takei (Mr. Sulu to some, more recently Hiro Nakamura’s father to others) recorded a video response to Tim Hardaway’s recent “I hate gay people” public statement, on Jimmy Kimmel:


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