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Selfie Stick, Bans Both Growing

Selfie StickSometimes, the latest growing trends bring out the worst in people.

Enter the selfie stick.

On some of our recent cruises, we’ve noticed. How can you not? Especially when travelling, because if there’s ever a good reason to use a selfie stick — and we’re not certain there is — it’s when travelling. As an aside, we’re not sure it’s a totally bad idea because we have hundreds of pictures in exotic places where it appears one of us stayed home.

The selfie stick, as surely everyone knows, is that pole with a smartphone (or perhaps camera) on the end. They are growing in both number and degree of annoyance, or so it seems. A cleverly written and fascinating story published online at Travel Weekly last week — here’s the link — is enlightening, entertaining and thoughtful. We had no idea the banning of selfie sticks was growing at close to the same pace as the use of the dreaded “arm extenders”, although probably like you we have seen people rolling their eyes whenever a selfie stick appears.

While it’s all travel that is a selfie target, obviously that includes cruising. You can be trying to watch whales surface from a small boat in the waters of Alaska, and have your view scarred by the stick. You can be trying to cross a dangerously busy street in Asia, and somebody’s trying to catch the unbelievable traffic moment that you’re attempting to survive.

There are too many of them now to think they’ll ever go away but, like so many things in life, we can only hope purveyors will learn to use them more responsibly and with a certain degree of courtesy.

Photo: Courtesy of camera-at-home (Wikimedia Commons)

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Celebrity Millennium
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Inside: $449
Cost per day: $89

St. Kitts Report Sign of Times?

Sometimes, an idea begins to grow and take root in the unlikeliest of places. Like the isle of St. Kitts, a tiny tourist stop in the Caribbean Sea, just east of the Virgin Islands and due north of Venezuela.

It was there that the St. Kitts government this week released travel statistics concerning both the cruise and the airline industries.

Cruising to St. Kitts is up 10 per cent. Flying to St. Kitts is down 4 per cent.

Could this be the first real indicator — or even another one — that travelers would rather take a cruise ship than a plane? Is the worm starting to turn…that flying has become such an unpleasant experience that it is to be utilized only when necessary?

What do you think?

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