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Cruise Ships and Country Acts

In our family, we sometimes get a hard time about country music. Some people even think we like only country music, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Having said that, we’re always on the lookout for country music performances where we can hear and understand the lyrics, usually watch without obstructions and generally have a good time.

It just happens that our interest in the music dovetails nicely with our ongoing interest in cruising.

Unless it’s our imagination, more country acts than ever are being invited (or contracted) to perform on cruise ships.

The latest is Rascal Flatts, a group you won’t find among our personal favorites, but a group widely loved and decorated in the industry. Rascal Flatts performs on the Norwegian Spirit, a ship you will find among our personal favorites, on March 2.

The performance is a one-day-only show in Cozumel. The Spirit leaves New Orleans for the Western Caribbean on February 26.

This is the first step in getting big country acts connected with cruise ships. Fly them into a port where the ship stops, have them perform, fly them out. The same thing happened with Taylor Swift, also in Cozumel (Royal Caribbean), last January and Martina McBride, in New Orleans (Royal Caribbean), last month.

The second step is when a cruise line convinces a country act to take a cruise, and perform throughout the trip. That’s what Norwegian is doing in October with Blake Shelton “and friends” on the Pearl. It turns out that Blake’s friends — who will also perform — are Trace Adkins, Neil McCoy and Easton Corbin (you don’t have to know who they all are…country people do).

For cruisers who like the music, it gives them access to favorite performers they wouldn’t otherwise have. For the artists, it opens up a whole new marketplace…and, being country folk, they’ll probably have some fun doing it.

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