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The Dreaded Inside Cabin on Ships: Deserving of Negative Reputation or Not?

The inside cabin. It's not as appealing as having inside information on something. Nor as valuable as drawing an inside straight in poker. Nor even as comforting as being inside when Mother Nature is hammering outside with driving rain or, worse yet, snow.

Maybe the inside cabin deserves better.

A friend recently asked us how much better we thought it was to have a balcony cabin, compared to going inside. The fact is, there is a big JEWELInsideStateroom_392x282difference…starting with the price. Balconies have been known to be twice as much (or more) than inside cabins. But if you're willing to sacrifice the ocean's fresh air, there can be some real benefits by taking an inside cabin.

Yes, starting with the financial one.

Two, our friend said he and his wife opted for an inside cabin because she had some seasickness issues, and they thought it would be better. That's one we'd heard before but never experience. When you think of rocking motions in rough seas, it probably makes sense.

Three, there's also no natural light, but if you're the type of sleeper who wakes up at dawn (as one of us is) that can be good. You'll sleep better…or at least longer!

Four, you're inclined to spend less time in your room without a view and enjoy all that ships have to offer — including the views in fresh air. If you have a balcony, you're probably going to be in your room more…have to get your money's worth, right?

Five, you might think you enjoy arriving and leaving ports more from your balcony, yet that's only one view, from one side of the ship. On cruises where we've had a balcony, it's probably been 50-50 where we went to watch arrivals and departures.

So maybe an inside cabin is as good as an inside straight after all.

Celebrity Millennium
17 nights
November 20, 2013
SydneyBrisbaneAirlie BeachCairns, Darwin, Benoa, Singapore
Oceanview: $999
Cost per day: $58

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