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Holland America And ‘Flight Ease’

Even the name is enticing…Flight Ease. Whatever happened to “flight ease?” Those were the days, weren’t they? Was it simply a victim of terrorism, or was it an economy that became consumed with bean counters, who creatively came up with ways to separate us from our money?

Now, Holland America is introducing Flight Ease.

Boeing-CaptainmHere’s why:

“Planning a cruise vacation from start to finish should be a seamless process, and Flight Ease ensures that our travel partners have the most advanced tools to coordinate their clients’ air and cruise itineraries.”

Well, Holland America is right about one thing…a cruise vacation should be seamless from start to finish.

And seldom is.

In attempting to make it so, Holland America is providing access to a website that is more intuitive for cruise connecting, by allowing travel professionals to:

• choose the best flights for clients based on a number of factors that include price, travel time, duration
• use a logic-driven calendar based on ship embarkation and debarkation times
• review more detailed schedule displays
• use an easy booking flow process

Now, there are lots of search engines to find flights, and this one is designed to drive business to travel agents. But if it really does make getting to your ship “seamless” — or even close — it will drive business somewhere else.

To Holland America.

– photo by Captainm

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Star Princess
10 nights
October 4, 2015
Vancouver (return): Los Angeles, Catalina Island, Santa Barbara, San Francisco
Inside: $639
Cost per day: $63

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