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Posing, posing, posing…on high seas

Vanity, thy name is photography. Let us begin by pointing out that we take hundreds — no, thousands — of pictures. We’re not even in all of them! But the idea of getting our pictures…oops, portraits…done after private consultation, unlimited shoot time, unlimited pictures (portraits) and a photo review is…

Maybe we’re just not sophisticated enough for this.

Evidently, Crystal Cruise passengers are. Or at least Crystal thinks its passengers are. Why else would this upscale — is that the definitive word here? — cruise line feature master photographers on eleven sailings next year. Make that Master Photographers.

They’re all award-winning shutterbugs, to be unsophisticated about it, and the final retouched photographs in “handcrafted, custom-bound, 16×12-inches, embossed-aluminum albums” will surely be a sight to behold. Maybe we just have a problem with seeing ourselves in a photo or portrait that’s 16 inches by 12.

There’s unquestionably a cost involved, one that goes beyond sailing on either the Crystal Symphony or Crystal Serenity. Since we already gave away our first-born, as well as our second and third, we would probably be in trouble here.

The “fun” starts January 18 on a sailing from Los Angeles to Sydney on the Serenity. The last sailing is October 31 from New York to Los Angeles on the Symphony. In between are nine more cruises of 12 to 22 days…

And it never occurred to us until right now: Just what do they have in mind by “unlimited shoot time?”

Cunard Queen Victoria
8 nights
March 16, 2012
Transatlantic:  New York to Southampton
Inside $595

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