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Huggies Link For Disney Ships   


For 20 years, Disney and Kimberly-Clark have been in a relationship. Disney gave Kimberly-Clark — primarily a company of paper products — the right to use Disney characters to sell Kleenex, and Huggies diapers, among other things. Well, maybe “gave” is not the right verb but if you’ve seen Mickey and Minnie on your box of tissue papers or diapers, you get the idea.

After two decades, the relationship is entering a new phase. K-C is going to provide products wherever Disney has customers (like theme parks, cruise ships and probably movie sets). Disney is going to give Kimberly-Clark the right to re-brand its baby care centers — they’ll now be called Huggies Centers — on cruise ships and in theme parks, and to sell its products in the centers…once again, “license” might be the right verb.

K-C is also sponsoring Disney’s Junior Live on Stage performances wherever they’re held.

“It really seemed to make sense, as the relationship has evolved, to take the next step,” said a spokesperson from Kimberly-Clark. “It expanded the licensing agreement into an alliance.”

Doesn’t it sound a bit like being engaged for 20 years (licensing agreement) before getting married (alliance)?

Photo: David Roark/Disney photographer

In the news…

• Norwegian Getaway to cruise summer 2017 from Warnemunde, Germany
• Royal Caribbean, WWF (World Wildlife Fund) partner on ocean conservation
• Holland America’s new Koningsdam successfully completes sea trials

Today at portsandbows.comAmaWaterways ramps up excursions

Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas
4 nights
April 11, 2016
Miami (return): Nassau, CocoCay
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Shifting Tides of Celebrity Market

We knew it would happen eventually, of course. Celebrity Cruises isn't focusing on us any more. They want our kids.

In a meeting with loyal travel agents last week, two Celebrity executives tried to define the market their agents should chase. The clients most likely to want and enjoy the "modern luxury" Celebrity ships offer were categorized as:

• Culture Seekers
• Metro Trendsetters
• Golden Nuggets

Except for the "nugget" part, the last category is about as close as we come. The PowerPoint presentation accompanying the speeches went by quickly but somewhere along the way some figures jumped off the screen.

An age demographic of 35-plus… household income $100,000…net worth $500,000…

Now, to be fair, it's not that Celebrity doesn't want those of us who don't fit these profiles. Like all cruise lines, Celebrity will take anybody who can afford to be on their ships. However, it defines the market that affords this cruise line the best opportunity of having their ships — as the executives put it — "perform" well.

The travel agents who listened attentively were on the new Celebrity Reflection, arguably the nicest ship on the seas these days, as it sails Eastern Caribbean itineraries from Miami. They are being guided to selling Celebrity cruises to affluent clients, people who care more about the adventure and the quality of services than the cost.

The clients are the "Culture Seekers" who will pay more to see and do more…the "Metro Trendsetters" who have to squeeze short vacations into their high-paying urban job schedules…the "Golden Nuggets" who are looking for luxurious ways to spend their nest-eggs.

Do you fit…or is it your kids?

Carnival Fascination
5 nights
January 19, 2013
Jacksonville (return): Freeport, Nassau
Inside: $249
Cost per day: $49

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