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Huggies Link For Disney Ships   


For 20 years, Disney and Kimberly-Clark have been in a relationship. Disney gave Kimberly-Clark — primarily a company of paper products — the right to use Disney characters to sell Kleenex, and Huggies diapers, among other things. Well, maybe “gave” is not the right verb but if you’ve seen Mickey and Minnie on your box of tissue papers or diapers, you get the idea.

After two decades, the relationship is entering a new phase. K-C is going to provide products wherever Disney has customers (like theme parks, cruise ships and probably movie sets). Disney is going to give Kimberly-Clark the right to re-brand its baby care centers — they’ll now be called Huggies Centers — on cruise ships and in theme parks, and to sell its products in the centers…once again, “license” might be the right verb.

K-C is also sponsoring Disney’s Junior Live on Stage performances wherever they’re held.

“It really seemed to make sense, as the relationship has evolved, to take the next step,” said a spokesperson from Kimberly-Clark. “It expanded the licensing agreement into an alliance.”

Doesn’t it sound a bit like being engaged for 20 years (licensing agreement) before getting married (alliance)?

Photo: David Roark/Disney photographer

In the news…

• Norwegian Getaway to cruise summer 2017 from Warnemunde, Germany
• Royal Caribbean, WWF (World Wildlife Fund) partner on ocean conservation
• Holland America’s new Koningsdam successfully completes sea trials

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Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Seas
4 nights
April 11, 2016
Miami (return): Nassau, CocoCay
Inside: $289
Cost per day: $72

Cruise Advertising From Customers

In an era when every-day baseball statistics now are WHIP, WAR and OBP, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that measuring success for the cruise industry now includes statistics from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For example:

Norwegian is publicizing the fact that in one 20-day period on the Escape, its customers logged 576,896 Facebook posts, 14,150 tweets and 11,367 Instagram posts, which somehow added up to 159 million impressions. This broke Norwegian’s in-house record for social media usage at sea.

Welcome to “new age advertising.”

If a cruise line can reach 159 million people in 20 days thanks to passengers who are surely posting 95 per cent (or more) positive messages, think of how much said cruise line Escape-Arno Redeniuscan save on advertising costs. The trickle-down effect on society is that fewer dollars spent on TV advertising morphs into higher cable or satellite costs for users, or poorer-quality television shows…or both. The same would be true for newspapers if that hadn’t already happened.

The good news is that because this becomes such an important vehicle for cruise lines, they will spare no cost when it comes to upgrading Internet access so that the passengers can do their thing as advertisers.

What’s next?

How about points for being a frequent tweeter?

In the news…

• Royal Caribbean locks up 10-year port agreement with U.S. Virgin Islands

– Photo by Arno Redenius

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Royal Caribbean Vision of the Seas
7 nights
March 5, 2016
Tampa (return): Roatan, Belize, Costa Maya, Cozumel
Inside: $590
Cost per day: $84

Carnival Campaign to Guarantee Good Times Just a Way to Earn PR Credits

Carnival has a new promotion called the Great Vacation Guarantee. It gives passengers the opportunity to cancel their cruises if they're unhappy and receive a full refund plus 10 per cent, free flights home, $100 to put towards another Carnival cruise, hotel and ground transportation as needed. This applies on cruises of three to eight days in and around North America. No Carnival Sunshinequestions asked. The kicker is you have to file your complaint within 24 hours of departure.

If ever there is a safe bet, this is it.

Our esteemed colleague Phil Reimer at Ports and Bows is on a different page. Phil thinks Carnival is taking a bold gamble, and maybe he's right. It happens all the time. On the other hand, we just think it's a great way for Carnival to get some PR, which the cruise line sorely needs, with a slick advertising campaign with little or no downside. 

Or cost.

The 24-hour rule makes perfect sense. But how many people can decide a cruise they have paid to go on is a bad idea after 24 hours? And if it's bad enough that you want to get off the ship at the next port, go to the nearest airport and fly back to wherever your car is.

So that leaves the "people who want something for nothing"…people who will get to a cruise ship, spend one day on it and then go through the go-home process — as seamless as Carnival might make it — so that they can get a 10 per cent return on their cruise fare and $100 to put towards another cruise.

Quickly, which of you knows a cheapsk…er, friend who would do that?

Caribbean Princess
7 nights
October 19, 2013
New York (return): NewportBostonBar HarborSaint JohnHalifax
Inside: $709
Cost per day: $101


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