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New ship No. 4 — Carnival Vista

Fourth in a series of new ships for 2016


Carnival hasn’t had a new ship in either three years or four, depending on whether you consider the re-building and name change of the Sunshine a new ship. When the Vista comes along this spring, it will launch a new class of the same name and it will give Carnival its biggest ship with almost 4,000 passengers…and obviously a more modern ship than the last totally new one, the Breeze in 2012.

Launch date: May 1

Capacity: 3,954

Sister ships: None

Maiden voyage: Dubrovnik to Barcelona (13 days)

Home port: Miami

Ships then in Carnival fleet: 24

Interesting: The world’s biggest cruise line is getting into the boardwalk-style of design by “bringing you closer to the sea” at the Havana Bar & Pool, SkyRide at SportSquare and Seafood Shack. It also claims to have the first IMAX theater at sea and staterooms designed for “Cuban culture lovers” sailing the Caribbean…hmm, could this become Carnival’s first cruise ship for Cuba one day? Like almost all new ships, its first sea days will be in Europe, crossing the Atlantic to settle at home in Miami by year’s end. The first Vista Class ship will also have a 450-foot waterslide, 20 places to eat and/or drink and a working micro-brewery at the RedFrog Pub.

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Grand Princess
10 nights
February 23, 2016
San Francisco (return): Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo, Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas
Inside: $649
Cost per day: $64

Family Harbor New Option On Vista

In another life, the Carnival Vista would’ve been a perfect ship for our family cruise. When you have a family of five, as we did when the children were children, it’s not always easy to find accommodation on vacation.

Once, we smuggled one of them into a hotel in France, because most hotels in France allow only four to a room, and two rooms was out of the question. On our inaugural (and only) family cruise, which happened to be a Carnival ship, there was no smuggling allowed…so we had two rooms apart. It happened that there was a problematic room between them, but that’s another story.

Oh yes, the Vista.

One of the features on the new Carnival ship — still 11 months away from its inaugural cruise — is the Family Harbor, where the whole family can hunker down for the night in one room. There are options, from inside to suite, and they are priced accordingly. The OceanviewFamily Harbor room in the picture is a deluxe oceanview, probably the one we’d have taken, cosy as it would be for five people (hey, five in a French hotel wasn’t exactly palatial!).

At what cost?

The Vista will spend its first six months in Europe, starting May 1, then cross the ocean to New York at the end of October before settling in Miami. To research prices, we opted for a couple of Caribbean cruises in late 2016 and early 2017, one of five days, the other eight days. The cost was about the same for each cruise when you break it down…between $80 and $85 per person, per day.

Booking two oceanview (non-deluxe) rooms on the same cruises would cost more: $640 for the 5-day cruise and $1,400 for the 8-day cruise. And, there are things not included that come with residing in Family Harbor…like access to a lounge only for Family Harbor passengers, free specialty-restaurant meals for kids under 12 and an exclusive family concierge.

There still are families of five. We see them all the time, and we reminisce. If they’re looking for that family cruise that keeps everybody behind one door and if they have a budget, as we did, the Vista will soon be a new option.

In the news…

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• On Regent's Explorer: luxurious spa, infinity pool, state-of-the-art fitness

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Celebrity Millennium
7 nights
July 24, 2015
Anchorage, Hubbard Glacier, Juneau, Icy Strait Point, Ketchikan, Vancouver
Oceanview: $649
Cost per day: $92

Carnival's Famous Literary Connection

Dr. Seuss-1 copyLike many before and after him, it's doubtful that T. S. Geisel could ever have imagined that his life's work would be turned into Broadway plays and motion pictures, be called as important as the Bible and — now — be intricately and intrinsically linked to cruise ships and the people who travel on them.

This is not the famous writer T.S. Eliot, it's T.S. Geisel, a famous author and illustrator better known by his primary pseudonym.

Dr. Seuss.

Right, the Cat In The Hat man. How The Grinch Stole Christmas. Green Eggs and Ham. One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.

His works are spreading to 24 cruise ships, all of them under the Carnival funnel. His 46 children's book, or at least some of them, will be on board. So will some of Dr. Seuss-signaturehis characters, Thing One and Thing Two…Sam…and The Cat. His green eggs and ham will be on the menu (he fish will be out in the ocean, not on the plate). There will be story time for kids of all ages. Seuss movies. Photo-ops. Artwork. A parade.

It's all part of Seuss at Sea, and when the Carnival Freedom emerges from a major refurbishment in May it will have a play space dedicated to and created around all things Seuss. The same goes for the Vista, Carnival's new ship in 2016.

It has been more than two decades since Dr. Seuss left his work behind, at the age of 87. Every year on March 2, his birthday, it's Read Across America Day — a reading Dr. Seuss-Catinitiative. In the writing community he was known for working in what is called anapestic tetrameter, rhythmic units composed on two weak syllables followed by a strong one. Carnival's creative people sized on his style in announcing the connection to the ships:

"One ship, two ships, it's Dr. Seuss on cruise ships!"

One of his life's ironies is the mis-pronunciation of his famous name, which was in fact his middle name, pronouncing it "Soyce"…as in "voice." While he eventually accepted the more popular pronunciation, the conflict prompted one of his collaborators to write this:

You're wrong as the deuce
And you shouldn't rejoice
If you're calling him Seuss
He pronounces it Soice

Ruby Princess
9 nights
January 4, 2014
Fort Lauderdale (return): Grand CaymanCozumelFort LauderdalePrincess Cays
Inside: $528
Cost per day: $58

Carnival Latest: What's In A Name?

Give Carnival at least a "B" for imagination in announcing that its newest ship, due in 2016, will be called Vista. That makes Carnival first to the Vista well of names.

This is an age when cruise lines sometimes appear to be running out of names. Witness Norwegian, using contests to ask passengers for proposing names of its lasttwo (and probably next three) ships. Witness the Carnival Dream, Disney Dream, Pacific Dream and SeaDream, not to mention Carnival Liberty and Liberty of the Seas…and Norwegian Sun and Sun Princess.

Copycatting is acceptable.

Vista is new…more or less. Avalon has a river cruiser called Vista. Holland America has a Vista Class of ships but "dam" the word in this fleet because all the names end in "…dam" (Rotterdam, Westerdam, Zuiderdam, etc.).

Vistadam just doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?

So Carnival comes up with the Vista, and that might be the extent of imagination with this 4,000-passenger newbie. Since it's the only ship Carnival has on order for the next three years, a Vista Class of ships is unlikely, at least for now, because apparently Carnival officials sounded confused when asked about which class of ship this would be. Other than the name, the best the cruise line could do in the Imagination Department was explain the name this way:

"We're starting to use the ship names as a touchstone for how we think about the design. A lot of what we are thinking about for the design and the inspiration is the views out to the ocean."

Views…as in vista.

The new ship will be like the Carnival Breeze, but different from the Breeze (above), and nobody at Carnival is saying what those similarities and differences might be. That's for another day.

And another press conference.

Carnival Freedom
6 nights
September 29, 2013
Fort Lauderdale (return): Key WestGrand CaymanOcho Rios
Inside: $294
Cost per day: $49

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