Cruise Ships and the Naked Truth

As the industry has grown, cruise lines have had to be creative in maximizing the capacity of their ships. It’s really no different than baseball teams that use promotions to fill ballparks. Get the customers on board, even at discounted prices, and let the profits come from what they spend at the hot-dog stand, in the casino, buying beer, getting spa treatments, and so on.

One of the strategies they’ve employed, in a wide range of ways, is the well-known “theme cruise.”

Today’s question is: When does a theme cruise go too far?

There are music cruises, gay cruises, literary cruises, sports cruises, religion cruises…and now comes the big one: nude cruises. And if you don’t think they’re popular, there are websites (now there’s a surprise!) devoted to nude cruises, as you can see by the photo.

Not that we’ve ever been on one, any more than we have been at a nude beach, but we presume there is a certain amount of decorum exercised by the participants. However, is that enough?

The problem is with crew members. Many of them are from countries like Indonesia, the Philippines and parts of Africa, where much of the population has strong religious convictions…convictions which don’t tolerate nudity. As such, crew members who serve on nude cruises (it’s really just part of a ship, usually) are put in what can best be uncomfortable situations. We’ve been told of crew members who refused to work on nude cruises.

In the end, that’s probably the answer. Allow them to refuse to go, but are cruise lines willing to let them break a contract for reasons of nudity?

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2 Responses
  1. Barbra Bishop says:

    Hmmmmm. When does a theme cruise go too far? This could be good dinner conversation. Can’t blame some of those cruiseline employees who might find working under those “conditions” a bit too “uncomfortable” or just plain strange! It’s only fair that unless the nudists book the entire cruise ship, they are confined to just one section.

  2. Neps says:

    I work on cruise ships and had to work through a gay cruise charter. Before hand you are given the option if you want to work the cruise or not (you’re not given time off but you then just don’t work in the public areas). The thing is though, and it’s been proven many times, that these are also the higest revenue earners for bar staff and such, so you do lose out on a lot of money if you do choose not to work in a particular area.

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