Friday File: Boats But Not Cruise Ships

It's logical that people who go on cruises have an innate interest (or maybe that should be a supressed interest) in all kinds of boats. Whether you do or not, you're going to see many types of vessels on the water when going on cruises, as we have…

Boats-15Probably the only two-passenger boat in the world where the "driver" (aka…gondolier) sings while he works, and while you enjoy traversing the canals of Venice.

Boats-3Is there a better way to see — or a better way to get a view — of Alaska's glaciers as they "calf" (a less literary word would be "cave") than as part of a kayak expedition?

Boats-11-EcuadorWhile leaving Manta, we captured the working boats of Ecuador, where work often means going to the U.S. and sending earnings home to impoverished families.

Boats-9-CaymanWe liked this juxtaposition of the old and the new…even though the "old" is a tour boat, with a Carnival ship on the horizon, far south on the west coast of Mexico. 

Boats-6-BermudaThis yacht belongs to somebody rich and famous of St. George's, Bermuda (or so we were told), truly an example of a world with which most of us are not familiar.

Boats-2In harbors around the world, you'll likely find a wide variety of vessels, and that was the case when the Celebrity Eclipse arrived in Cherbourg, France.

Boats-23-ColThe Phantom was more about the people than being the Spanish galleon on the shores of Cartagena, Colombia because it was there, five years ago, that we met tour guide Sandy Cuadrado, who remains our friend today!

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Celebrity Millennium
17 nights
April 26, 2015
Shanghai, Jeju City, Kobe, Tokyo, Petropavlovsk, Vancouver
Inside: $699
Cost per day: $41

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