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Photo update

I realized I haven’t put up any family shots in a long while, so here’s a whole family pic, from the week in Osoyoos. Unfortunately, Aron (Lisa’s partner) couldn’t make the trip, but the rest of us are there. Sorry for the size, all you bandwidth impaired, like myself:

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Cold-weather sports day

For New Year’s Day 2003, the two male members spent the day revelling in the -15 C weather in Emo to partake of two firsts for Gareth: (a) skate on the outdoor rink, and (b) ride snowmobiles with Michael and daughter Emily Loney.
We lasted about half-an-hour on the ice, and twice that on the snowmobile. There’s something disconcerting about your son bouncing his (helmeted) noggin off the handlebars of the snowmobile every once in a while, but he loved it.

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