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The Last of the Seven Wonders of the World is…

This is one of those "Who's writing their stuff…" routines. Specifically, who's writing for Oceania Cruises.

In a press release we received this week, to promote 2-for-1 fares with free airfare on Holy Lands cruises on either the Riviera (May 2014) or the Insignia (June 2014), it reads as follows:

"Before the time of Anno Domini, a collection of seven wonders enthralled travelers of the ancient world. While all but one no longer exists, just one of these wonders has the distinction of having been twice built and twice destroyed. First burned and Temple of Artemislater plundered, remaining relics for the goddess were uncovered by archaeologists of the mid-18th century. Which wonder of the ancient world is this?"

We'll save you the trouble of going to find out — it's The Temple of Artemis.

Naturally, Oceania has a ship that goes close enough (Ephesus) that you can skip over to see the remains of Artemis.

Now, technically, Oceania's statement is correct. there is only one of the original Seven Wonders of the World left. But it's not the Temple of Artemis, which is the impression you get when giving the promotion a quick read. It sounds like you're going to see the only remaining original Wonder, doesn't it?

The Temple was destroyed for the second (some say third) and final time 16 centuries ago…401 AD. Oceania shows a photo of its "remains" yet in Istanbul there is a replica of the Temple of Artemis.

Ironically, that's the departure port for the two Oceania ships on their Holy Land cruises.

The only surviving Seventh Wonder?

It's The Pyramids, in Egypt. But you already knew that, didn't you?

Grand Princess
15 nights
January 19, 2014
San Francisco (return): HiloHonoluluLahaina, Nawiliwili,  Ensenada
Inside: $999
Cost per day: $66

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