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Godmother Kristin WOWs PBS

A few days ago, one of us was fumbling the TV remote like a running back without stickum (now you know who was doing the fumbling) when lo and behold there was Kristin Kristin ChenowethChenoweth, who has made a career of not fumbling much of anything.

A year and a half ago, we didn’t know much about Kristin Chenoweth. Then we were fortunate enough to interview her in New York, after she was introduced as the Godmother for Quantum of the Seas, the new Royal Caribbean ship that these days is sailing out of Bayonne, New Jersey, just across the Hudson from where she lives.

Fortunate…because she not only made time for us, but was personable and polite and sweet, and all the other things she is on stage, which is not what a couple of country bumpkins expect from a celebrity. But maybe that’s because she’s something of a country bumpkin herself.

Her birthplace is in Oklahoma, in the Tulsa suburb of Broken Arrow, which brings us back to seeing her on TV the other night. She was doing a 90-minute special on PBS called, appropriately enough, Coming Home. It was from Broken Arrow, it was pretty much all her, and it gave the rest of the world — or at least the PBS viewers — a chance to see what Broken Arrow has known for a long time.

Kristin Chenoweth is very talented.

With her parents and her mentor in the front row, she sang and she joked and played comfortable to an audience she said made her nervous. The most poignant moment, and there were a few of them, was when she sang a song she’d recorded about her father called Fathers and Daughters. She said it would make her cry but it didn’t and her Dad had probably heard it often enough that he didn’t have to fight back tears, either.

Maybe the people at Royal Caribbean knew exactly what they were getting when they allowed her to make Quantum of the Seas “my godchild” and maybe they didn’t. 

But as Godmothers go, what they got came straight out of the Royal Caribbean promo book:


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Chance to Watch Travel Detective at Work Starts Monday on Public Television

On Monday, there's a new series starting on public television that will be of interest to anybody who travels…and anybody who does may have already heard of the Travel Detective because Peter Greenberg has been doing this for a while. But this is intriguing because he's never empowered his audience with a weekly TV show before, and because it left us with a curious question.

Greenberg is the travel editor at CBS. He has worked for all three major networks, won an Emmy, produced a radio show on travel and published PeterGreenbergbooks as The Travel Detective. As an aside, he is also travel ambassador for AARP and a volunteer firefighter.

Credibility is his middle name.

The weekly series — The Travel Detective with Peter Greenberg — has 42 half-hour episodes. Naturally, it's not clear how many of them will specifically deal with cruising, but going on a cruise is not just about the ship. It's also about planes and trains and automobiles, not to mention ports and countries and things to see. In short, anything that can help travelers can likely help cruisers.

Among the things he proposes to tell viewers are how to find that frequent flyer seat when airlines say there are none, how to navigate security lines more successfully, where to go and where not to go and a look behind the scenes of cruise lines, rental car companies and trains to reveal the "good, bad and sometimes ugly" sides of travel.

And that raises our curious question:

Since one of the show's three sponsors is Norwegian Cruise Line, will the investigations of the "travel detective" include Norwegian ships?

Photo by Ed Schipul 

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