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Cruise For Football Fan With Heart

While everybody’s talking about deflated footballs, in advance of the Super Bowl, are you interested in a tale of inflated sportsmanship?

If so, read on…

After the Seattle Seahawks won their trip to Phoenix for Sunday’s big game, one of their fans (PJ LeDorze) noticed a disconsolate Green Bay Packers fan outside Seattle’s 171144CenturyLink Field. It should be mentioned that all Packers fans were disconsolate after the Seahawks’ incredible comeback, but most of them were not so visible.

LeDorze was wearing a Seahawks jersey. He felt badly for the “opposition” so he gave the jersey to the young Green Bay fan. In Seattle, this is called the “spirit of the 12s” because Seahawks fans are all considered the team’s 12th player.

And now, LeDorze has two tickets for the Sail with the 12s Seahawks Fan Cruise on the Crown Princess in June. The ship spends a week going from Seattle to Alaska and back, and with Seahawks players and ex-players on board for chalk talks, meet-and-greets and all kinds of “spirit of the 12s” events, it doesn’t get much better for one of their fans.

Especially LeDorze.

"I've never been on a cruise,” he told Princess Cruises. “I’ve never been to Alaska. This is unbelievable!"

His gesture was a fatherly thing to do for a young football fan experiencing such a low. Fittingly, the Crown Princess sail on Father’s Day.

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Cruise: Double Meaning For Seahawks

Packers logoWhen the Seattle Seahawks try (again) to cruise past the Green Bay Packers (they’ve Seahawks logonever beaten Green Bay in the playoffs) next Sunday in the hope of winning the Super Bowl (again), the cheering section will include anybody remotely connected to Princess Cruises.

The cruise line has scored a touchdown of its own by convincing the Seahawks  or some of them — to go on a cruise. It will be to Alaska on the Crown Princess for a week in June, Crownwhich is as good a time as any to see the 49th state, and if the Seahawks step on the ship as defending Super Bowl champions, the Crown Princess will be as crowded as CenturyLink Field on any given Sunday after Labor Day.

For Princess, the risk was low. There wasn’t anything in the Seahawks’ season that indicated they wouldn’t be playing football as one of the final four teams, which pretty much guarantees a sellout on the ship. Besides, there is such a rabid following in the Pacific Northwest that filling 3,080 beds on the Crown Princess should be no problem.

The people in them will get to be up-close with some of their football heroes. It’s being called Sail With the Seahawks — A Cruise for the 12s, and anybody who watches football 12th playerknows that 12 stands for the fans…the 12th man, so to speak. And speaking will be part of what Seahawks’ personnel do, while meeting and greeting their 12th player, participating in Q-and-A chalk talks and generally hanging out with the passengers.

There will be activities that may not include players, such as Tailgate Parties, Movies Under The Stars and trivia contests. But for people wanting to OD on the Seahawks, this is a natural.

Princess has been the “official” cruise line of the Seahawks since September, so doing something like this was also a natural, and there will surely be more of it with other cruise lines and other teams. 

This cruise is seven days return from Seattle, of course, embarking June 20. You might think Princess would jack up the prices for something this special and while starting prices are higher than the same cruise on the same ship two weeks earlier, it’s only $100 more.

And $100 would only get them a down payment on getting into Sunday’s game.

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Super Bowl Time on the Sea…

We have never watched the Super Bowl from a cruise ship. Usually, we watch it at a hotel in Las Vegas because one of us likes to be able to put her money where her heart is. You didn’t know she was such a football fan, did you?

So the thought of watching the spectacle in Dallas (left…but it’s in Arlington, TX) from the waters of the Caribbean or off the coast of South America or crossing the Atlantic really isn’t that appealing. When the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers settle pro football supremacy on Sunday, there are two reasons why we’d like to be somewhere other than on a cruise.

One is that the ships are often having to re-aim the satellite system that provides them with a TV signal, which can cause a signal loss. She would not be happy about that.

The other reason is that almost without exception cruise ships, while sometimes called floating casinos, do not cater to sports wagering. That’s almost…because we were once on a ship that offered sports betting from ONE free-standing vending machine off in a corner where it was difficult to find, and of such importance that even getting directions to it was a problem.

It’s a mystery why cruise ships don’t offer more sports gambling — especially for Super Bowl, and especially when teams like the Packers and Steelers look so similar on paper — and given that once ships are in international waters, they’re free of whatever legal encumbrances exist on land. Most cruise ships adhere and/or subscribe to the guidelines of the International Council of Cruise Lines.

Maybe there’s not enough profit in it. Maybe the level of expertise and volume of equipment is too expensive. Maybe the cruise lines believe their passengers just aren’t interested, but if that were the case, then why are all the cruise lines throwing Super Bowl parties and showing the game on as many screens as they can, big and small?

Whatever the reason, on Super Bowl Sunday, Vegas is a better bet. She’s happy with that.

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