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Did you know…

That Carnival is the only cruise line with two ships, year-round, operating from New Orleans? The city invested $2.3 million renovating and expanding the Erato Street Cruise Terminal, including swapping gangways with the Julia Street Terminal to make embarkation and embarkation easier for a greater volume of passengers. Guess which terminal is home to Carnival's two ships, the Dream and the Elation?

That Windstar will have a "Private Event" on next year's itineraries designed to connect guests Florida Georgia Linewith local culture, and that they're free? All that's being said about identifying the Private Events is that they "include dinner under the stars in the magnificent Celsus Library of Ephesus" and "dining on the beach of a private motu in Bora Bora."

That whoever booked the Norwegian for a promotion featuring the country duo Florida Georgia Line missed the boat? The group's big hit is called "Cruise" and rather than calling the 5-day trip from Miami on the Pearl the "Cruise Cruise" it's being promoted as the first-ever "Florida Georgia Line This Is How We Cruise." Now there's a mouthful…

That Carnival's new program for kids — called Camp Ocean — was the result of recommendations of experts in child education, children's media and "play" and that the end result is more than 200 new activities based on marine education for ages 2 to 11? The names of some of the activities are Sea Creature Discovery, Marine Life Trivia and Create a Penguin from Oreos. One expert on the panel…a loyal customer who's a mother of two.

Today at portsandbows.com: World Cup on the high seas

Carnival Victory
5 nights
May 3, 2014
Miami (return): Grand TurkHalf Moon CayNassau
Inside: $199
Cost per day: $39

Cruising: a dictionary of its own

Sometimes, those of us with any kind of connection to cruising can be rather one-dimensional. We think the word "cruise" can only mean one thing.

Then we'll hear aboiut the latest Tom Cruise movie…or girlfriend.

Yesterday, we experienced another reality check. We were in the car with two of our grandchildren and one of them had her iPod (or other musical device) playing one of her favorite songs…

Baby you a song
You make me want to roll my windows down and cruise
Come on girl
Get those windows down and cruise

The song is a hit for the country group called Florida Georgia Line (right) and, yes, it is great when you have grandchildren who like country music. The name of the song is Cruise and as you can tell by the lyrical excerpt, it has nothing to do with sailing on the ocean with 2,500 of our closest friends.

Some of us just have trouble believing that "cruise" could mean anything else.

Carnival Imagination
4 nights
December 1, 2013
Miami (return): Key WestCozumel
Inside: $159
Cost per day: $39

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