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A Time For Change In Cozumel


We were in a meeting yesterday, called to discuss the time change in Cozumel, one of our favorite cruise ports. Since there were only two people attending, there wasn’t a lot of debate…only a lot of explaining so that one of us (ahem) could understand what was going on here.

On the first of this month, the Mexican state of Quintana Roo (that includes Cozumel) moved from Central Time to Eastern Time.

Our conversation yesterday went something like this…

“I don’t understand.”

“What don’t you understand?”

“How can Cozumel change its time to Eastern when it’s not Eastern?”

“Maybe it is Eastern.”

“Well, it’s certainly never felt Eastern.”

“Get a map, draw a line and you’ll see Cozumel is on the border?”

“What border?”

“The time zone border, dummy.”

“My line going north goes between Tallahassee and New Orleans, just misses Nashville and hits Cincinnati and Detroit.”


“Exactly what?”

“All those places are in the Eastern time zone except New Orleans, which is also on the border.”

“What border?”

“Who’s on first…?”

“Does this apply to Cancun, Playa del Carmen…?”

Cozumel-B“The whole enchilada.”

“So if what you say is true, why has it taken so long for Cozumel to discover it belongs in the Eastern time zone?”

“No maps on which to draw lines, maybe.”

“Why are they ‘moving’ east after all this…time?”

“Because of the people.”

“They’re not Eastern, they’re Central.” 

“They all come from the East.”

“So if most of the people in Los Angeles came from the East, they’d change the time zone?”

“Who knows?”

“And why now?”

“To make it less confusing.”

“It’s not working.”

“There’s another reason.”

“Which is?”

“Energy. An extra hour of daylight means one less hour for restaurants and nightspots to keep the lights turned on.”

“Isn’t that what Daylight Savings is for?”

“Don’t go there…and there’s also the beach.”

“The beach?”

“An extra hour on the beach makes it easier for Cozumel to compete with the beaches of Jamaica, Dominican Republic, even Cuba. They already have that extra hour.”

“But we already like Cozumel, so why change?”

“It’s just time.”

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About That Daylight Saving Time…

It is our duty, in case you happen to be on a cruise ship when Daylight Saving Time comes along, to alert you about "the time change."

It's this weekend, or next month.

In most of North America, the clocks "jump ahead" two hours into Sunday morning. Except in Arizona. And Saskatchewan. And in Cozumel, where there are cruise ships.

In Cozumel, where we once almost missed a ship because of this confusion, DST goes into effect in April. On the 6th, also a Sunday. Except on Norwegian cruise ships, which maintain ship's time. However, Royal Caribbean cruise ships stay on land's time, which in Cozumel is different than land time everywhere else in the area.

And when the Cozumel stays on Standard Time while the rest of the world goes Daylight, the one-hour difference between ship time and shore time becomes two hours.

As the pop band Chicago would say…or sing…

"Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?"

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