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Only One 'Overboard' A Laughing Matter

One of our favorite movies, all-time, is Overboard. Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell, bratty kids, pompous yacht owner…if you're not smiling by now, then you don't know Overboard.

It may be the only time that word brings a smile to anyone's face.

overboardOn cruise ships — on any ships — "overboard" is bad news. Earlier this month, Cruise Critic provided some interesting information after Cruise Lines International Association reported that five people went overboard from cruise ships in one three-week period.

Did you know…

That almost all people who fall off a cruise ship are either suicidal or drunk?

That only Cunard's Queen Victoria is known to have "overboard technology" that is designed to alert crew on the bridge if something of significant size falls from a ship?

That the reason behind the reluctance of all ships to install the expensive technology is the cost of false alarms?

That a vast majority of overboard victims are never found?

That when a person goes overboard a floating marker will be dropped and the ship will circle back to that area in the hope of finding the victim?

That none of these things applied to Goldie Hawn when she went overboard in Overboard?

Carnival Miracle
8 nights
April  28, 2014
VancouverJuneauSkagwayGlacier BayKetchikanSeattle
Inside: $529
Cost per day: $66

Cruises Galore On Sale Next Week

Think Black Friday in America. Boxing Day in Canada. The best sale, ever, at your favorite department store…except that this “department store” sells cruises.

This is what will happen next week and — like the World Series, falling leaves and Halloween — it happens every October. For those of us who like taking long rides on big boats, it’s called “The World’s Largest Cruise Sale” and it comes along every National Cruise Vacation Week, which comes along every National Cruise Vacation Month.

This is the month, and the week starts Monday.

Along with the sale.

Apparently, the potential for savings is as much as $5,000. Every major cruise line is involved, under the umbrella of Cruise Lines International Association, to which 25 cruise lines belong. The large, familiar lines will have deals and so will lines you may have never heard of — like Windstar, Louis and Hurtigruten.

More than 5,000 travel agencies are involved, and it’s safe to say they’ll book more cruises next week than in any week until….next October.

We don’t sell cruises. We don’t promote cruises. What we try to do is let you know when we find what we think are good deals, and we’ll post one here every day during National Cruise Vacation Week.

And here’s one we have left from this week…

Royal Caribbean’s Rhapsody of the Seas
18 nights
April 13, 2012
Sydney, Australia to Honolulu
Inside: $1,619

The World's Largest Cruise Night

Tomorrow’s kind of like Thanksgiving, or Christmas, for cruise shoppers. Bargains galore. And if you’re a husband like me whose first instinct is to wonder where I can find a football game so I don’t have to go, because there’s always football to watch on Thanksgiving and before Christmas, relax.

Tomorrow is, as it says up there, The World’s Largest Cruise Night, although in my world that doesn’t exactly tell you what it is — the word “sale” is missing — and I don’t think it’s “night” shopping. But as long as I don’t have to get involved, I don’t really care.

In celebration of National Cruise Vacation Month, the non-profit Cruise Line International Association has made this the one day of the year (allegedly) that EVERYBODY has killer sales on cruises. Right, Black Friday for cruisers…only it’s Wednesday the 13th. And like I said, guys, relax. There’s no fighting for the 42-inch flat-screen TV or the latest XBox games that 95 people want when there are only 50 of them. There’s no waiting in the parking lot for the marathon shopping spreed to end. There’s no hauling so many parcels into the trunk that you think she’s been Christmas shopping for the whole neighborhood.

These bargains are either online or on-the-phone.

You will find them — or my case she will find them — on websites and from travel agents or cruise-line agents. That’s where you find them. Last year, travelers bought $45 million worth of cruises on this day. Some people saved as much as $2,000. Some moved up a notch to balconies or suites. Some received great onboard credits.

And the best thing of all about it for people like me is not needing a football game to “take a pass.”

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