Canadian Copyright propaganda

From BoingBoing, there’s a note from Michael Geist about the ham-handed efforts of Access Copyright, a Canadian copyright agency, to “educate” kids on copyright issues.
Michael Geist sez, “Access Copyright has launched a new site that borders on parody, but is apparently serious. Captain Copyright, is a new “superhero” that educates children about the virtues of copyright, rushing to the scene in the event that someone publishes research without proper credit. While my first reaction to the site was that it is just silly, as I dug deeper, I now find it shameful. These materials, targeting kids as young as six years old, mispresents many issues and proposes classroom activities that are offensive.”
The best part, however, is the AUP on their site:
“…pages with the following exception: permission to link is explicitly withheld from any website the contents of which may, in the opinion of the Access Copyright, be damaging or cause harm to the reputation of, Access Copyright.”
Hey, Access Copyright: your premise, your “educational materials” and your existence are offensive. And, your web site is so 2002.

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