Celebrity pillows going 'green'

Of all the items we think about being in a landfill…pillows? That means it’s one more item for cruise lines to consider in their ongoing attempts to being environmentally responsible.

So, about the pillows.

A cruise line with 25,000 beds uses 50,000…and that’s when the customers don’t ask (blush) for an extra pillow. Obviously, pillows wear out and when they do, unless you have a dog or cat to take custody, pillows go in the garbage, and garbage goes in the landfill.

Where’s this going?

To somewhere in South Carolina, where a 53-year-old family business called Harris Pillow Supply makes machines that renovate pillows. Right, who’d have thought? This is not a blatant promo for a company…it’s a news item that Celebrity Cruises has the pillow-renovating machine on nine of its 10 ships.

In layman’s terms, the machine sifts out the (allergy-causing) dust from used pillows, then cleans whatever material is used to fill the pillow with what’s called an “ozone-emitting germicidal light” and if necessary adds more new filling to restore the pillow’s bounce after it’s gone flat.

It happens in four minutes a pillow.

If it didn’t work, Celebrity wouldn’t have installed the machines on nine of its ships. The one ship without it is the Celebrity Xpedition. That’s the ship that goes to the Galapagos Islands, regularly filled with people who deeply care about the environment.

Go figure.

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