It’s not very original, but we have both “Garethisms” and “Naomisms” much like we have “Tylerisms”, that we keep track of (origin: friend of family in Quebec who mixed up her sayings all the time, forever termed “Judyisms”) . They’re a log of funny or cute lines that the two of them come up with. Obviously, we have more of Gareth than Naomi, but here’s one from her last week:
Plate on high chair, with ham on it. Gareth gets out the watermelon from the refrigerator, and she sees this, and starts chirping for some.
“Not until you finish your dinner, honey.” chimes in Mom.
Naomi proceeds to grab all the ham on her plate, throw it on the floor, holds up the plate and says, “All done!”
Who needs tv? These two are way more funniness….so says the unbiased parent.

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