Suggestion when Shopping for Cruises

Here’s another one of those buyer-beware warnings…

Who wants to be the middle-aged woman accidentally going on a cruise for cougars (they exist)? Or the pick-your-strict-whatever individual who gets on a cruise ship and finds at least a portion of it is dedicated to nudists (it also happens)?

They are called “theme cruises” and they run the gamut of special interest. You name it, there’s a cruise for it…so just let your imagination go on this one.

The message here is make sure you check with the cruise line (or your travel agent) before booking to find out if there’s a large group of special-interest folks on the ship. It’s not that you have to participate in what’s going on during the cruise, but the special-interest activities might limit or impact in some way on what you want to do.

On one of our recent cruises, we overheard this sarcastic remark from a young woman sitting by the pool:

“I can’t wait to get back to San Francisco to tell everybody I spent my wedding cruise with a bunch of [expletive deleted]!”

And that’s the point. Check it out first.

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