Celebrity Wine Wizard Works Wonders

In my life, there are two oft-repeated adages about salad. In no particular order…Homer Simpson says “You don’t win friends with salad”, and Bob says. “There’s no wine that goes with salad.”

I don’t think Saravan Krishnan, the Celebrity Millennium‘s Cellar Master, can do much about Homer’s issues, but we threw down the gauntlet for changing Bob’s mind. Saravan, who is wise beyond his 29 years, accepted the challenge.

At a “Food and Wine Pairings” seminar on the Millennium, somewhere off the coast of Costa Rica, the engaging Cellar Master went to work. The other 30 or so seminar participants were blissfully unaware of his challenge.

Saravan poured four wines — all from California’s Wente Vineyard — a riesling, a chardonnay, a syrah and a cabernet sauvignon. With that, he had six food pairings: bean salad, smoked salmon, creamy chicken on toast point, spring roll with hot chili sauce, bread stick with blue cheese dressing and a small dark chocolate brownie.

Every food was tasted with every wine. The cab matched the brownie, of course, and the riesling was a match for  the spring roll. The bread stick went best with the syrah. The creamy chicken was good with both the chardonnay and the syrah. The smoked salmon was a riesling match.

As for the challenge?

Bob not only doesn’t like wine with salad, he doesn’t like bean salad. A little begrudgingly, he bowed to Saravan’s superior wine matching skills and confessed the riesling and the bean salad made a nice couple. But when it comes to how to make friends, Saravan notwithstanding, he’s sticking with Homer.

That’s it…I’m done.

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