October White Hot Parties in the Pink

On Friday night we went to a high school football game. Many of the players were wearing pink shoes. Online newspapers — the Miami Herald for one — has a pink background on its front page. On yesterday’s football telecast, FOX fashion-plate Terry Bradshaw was wearing a pink tie and hankie. Many NFL players have pink somewhere on their uniforms.

It’s all because this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, of course. It also says something about how far we’ve come when men can wear pink — especially macho men — without being teased or even bullied for displaying what has always been regarded as a “girly” color. Doesn’t it?

What it says most is that everybody is joining the army to fight breast cancer. Norwegian is one of the cruise lines that’s on board and, in typical Norwegian style, it’s doing so in a unique way. As NCL cruisers know, at least once on every cruise there’s a “white hot party” where they dress in white, from head to toe, and follow cruise ship dancers around the deck partying long into the night.

This month it’s a “pink hot party.” The only official color change is that the White Hot Party T-shirts will be pink. A portion of proceeds from T-shirt sales will support the fight, via the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which has invested $1.5 billion in the search for a breast cancer cure.

However, chances are NCL will find its residents showing up to the party — nine of its 11 ships are participating — wearing not just the pink T-shirts, but pink head to toe. Well, some will.

Even some who are macho.

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