CD ripping morality flowchart

From BoingBoing, I saw this chart, a cool visual of the moral flowchart suggesting whether to rip a CD to mp3/OGG/AAC files on your hard drive.
I’m in the push at home to get all our CDs ripped to MP3s — I’m at over 28GB, 5500 songs, and about 50% of the way through — so I found this quite funny. I also am a proponent of the iTunes Music Store. Yes, I know that copy protection sucks, but I think FairPlay is better than any other copy protection, and I can live with it. Yes, I wish that their AAC files were ripped at more than 128k, although I find the 128k files to be at least as good as 160kbps mp3 rips. Yes, I wish it were available in Canada (athough, for some reason it thinks I’m an American citizen, and takes my Canadian credit card. Yay me! Boo, my credit card balance.).
In the mean time, I’m now searching for another hard drive at home, since my 60GB media drive is getting full, what with the 25GB of home videos still to finish editing, and the 28GB of tunes. The iTunes streaming feature is, by the way, the best thing ever. No more having to refresh the playlists and library on the upstairs iMac to get all the newest music. Cool.

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