Recommending Shore Excursions

A while ago we had an email from friends who share our passion for cruising. They’re going to South America in February and in the process of planning some shore excursions, wishing they could benefit from somebody else’s experience. They suggested we categorize shore-excursion input from our readers and make it available to others.

Good idea!

“When we went to St. Petersburg on Princess a friend told us not to miss Catherine’s Palace,” they wrote. “It was an evening tour and we were there for two days and took day tours both days and were not planning to be  exhausted with an evening tour, but did so and were rewarded with a magnificent evening. And we asked friends who had been to Oslo what to see and they said not to miss the Vigeland sculpture gardens — incredible.”

So here’s what we’d like. To all of you who have been on cruises (duh, this is a blog about cruising!), send us some details of your favorite shore excursion. Tell us:

• where it was
• what it was
• which cruise line
• why you liked it

Just enter the details in the “Comment” box below and fill in your details.

Once we have enough shore excursions to warrant it, we’ll create a link to them on the website.

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