Taxing Time for Alaska

While suppliers, retailers and operators continue to be concerned by the diminishing cruise market to Alaska, the good news is that the most northern state continues to be serviced by 10 cruise lines that will take you through the Inside Passage, to the Gulf of Alaska or on small-ship expeditions.
As always, the market will dictate the success of Alaska cruises. When the price becomes too steep for cruisers to enjoy the magnificent glaciers, the volume of passengers will fall, and that’s why Alaska cruise suppliers are petitioning legislators for tax cuts (as in head taxes, gambling taxes and regulatory fees).
If you find there are fewer ships and fewer cruises to choose from, don’t blame the cruise companies, which can only address customer demand while still turning a profit. Maybe the financial crunch has to hurt even more than a drop in 142,000 passengers before Alaska legislators make visits to their beautiful state more appealing to cruise budgets.
In Alaska, the cruise season is relatively short and when it comes to shoulder seasons they’re relatively cold. A cold shoulder is what cruise companies are getting from the state government…so far.
That’s it, we’re done.

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