Google ‘Cruise’ And Be Careful

In this age, when people Google everything from a cure for cancer to buying castor oil (honest!), somebody who has never been on a cruise might be inclined to Google that.

Be careful.

In this age of words perpetually shortened at the expense of proper spelling or grammar, it’s import to spell correctly when searching.

For example…

“Cruise” — if you make an atypical mistake and use a capital C — could easily bring a Tom Cruisedeluge of stories and websites about Tom Cruise, who is an actor and not a ship.

“Crews” is the word that categorizes the groups of people who serve you in so many ways on ships, but could also deliver a Rockstar Games Social Club or even an ex-football player-turned-actor.

“Cruze” is a car made in South Korea for General Motors.

“Cruz” is an American politician who would love to preface his name with “President Ted” as of November 8 of next year, and is also the call letters of a radio station in Canada and Australia, plus the surname of women who are (a) a pro wrestler (b) the Mrs. Universe in the Philippines, and (c) a Spanish actress once in a relationship with that other Cruise.

The one who’s an actor, not a ship.

So, in the end, watch your Ps and Qs when you write “cruise” into Google…or maybe that should be your Ss and Zs…or just put “going on a” before you enter the magic word.

Today at River water woes around the world

— Tom Cruise photo by Georges Biard

Caribbean Princess
7 nights
December 6, 2015
Houston (return): Majahual, Belize, Roatan
Inside: $475
Cost per day: $67

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