Adults Only On A Cruise Ship?

We probably should have known there was something politically incorrect about the cruise line known as Fred.Olsen when it put a period where most of us would put a space…okay, so it’s at least grammatically incorrect. It’s not like it’s being used to separate http and www.

Now there is more evidence that this little-known, British-based cruise line of four ships is sailing upstream, as they say, at least in the eyes of North Americans.

You may have noticed that just about every major cruise line is trumpeting the fact that it’s targeting families more than ever because, as more than one of them is happy to point Black Watchout, kids bring parents onto cruise ships and also grandparents otherwise known as Baby Boomers. So they’re promoting cruise pricing as family values.

Fred.Olsen is promoting adults.

Here’s what the press release says:

“A total of 20 adults-only cruises, for passengers aged 18 or above, are offered to guests who would rather cruise with people of a similar age.”

That’s a nice way of saying kids aren’t welcome unless they’re of adult age, in which case they’re adults.


Since Fred.Olsen’s four ships — Balmoral, Braemar, Boudicca and Black Watch — visit 84 countries and 253 destinations, it’s not exactly like throwing out the babies with the seawater. Families are still welcome on most of the company’s cruises…kids, too. But the fact that 20 cruises are only for adults is an indicator that Fred.Olsen sees there’s an untapped market and it wants to be first to exploit it openly.


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Crown Princess
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January 25, 2016
Los Angeles (return): Catalina Island, Ensenada
Inside: $379
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