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From former friend/drummer of Dill, John Androsky:

200 year old native fishing trail crossroads along the Skeena River.

I was walking along this trail down to the Skeena with a friend singing, “Mud stuck deep in the treads of my boots with an old friend as my guide/ as the sun wrapped round my head that day to embrace the parting sky/ oh,oh hey Mr. Mountain hey Mr. Mountain/ I don’t know where I’ve been/ somewhere lost in the city’s lights/ but here I’m home again. . .” on August 1st during a much needed 5 day break.
I’ve never forgotten the laughs and days of band-aid boy and the bass player with the uncanny ferry karma.

He remains in my mind as the amazing gifted artist the I had the pleasure/injury to work and laugh with.

I’ll be saying a prayer tonight. Thank you for passing along the word.

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  1. natasha Wood says:

    i will always carry DILL in the “daypack on my shoulder” . xo

  2. Patti Powell says:

    That is one of my favourite Darrin songs, and I remember when he wrote it, while we were all at Naramata back about 20 years ago. Thanks for remembering it too, John.

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