One Deck Chair…Why Not Four?

There’s an old joke about a man who’s sprawled across three loungers on the deck of a cruise ship. He is warned by the crew that he must move or risk being “arrested” by the cruise cops. The man lays there looking up in silence.

Finally. the removal squad is called. Again, the man is warned. Again, he is silent.

Deck chairs“Okay, buddy, what’s your name?”


“Where are you from, Charlie?”

“The top deck.”

At least Charlie had a reason for taking up three deck chairs. Often that’s not the case on cruise ships. Often, PWCs (Passengers Without Class) take ownership of several chairs at a time and leave others looking for a place to suntan.

Full disclosure: We’re not really from the deck-chair crowd so from a personal standpoint this doesn’t usually upset us. However, we’ve talked to many people who are understandably distressed when they can’t find a place to sit amidst empty chairs “belonging” to somebody else.

Friends told us of an incident on the Celebrity Reflection. This is not a problem on one ship nor one cruise line…it’s something crew members have to deal with and not alienate the people who pay their salaries.

On the Reflection, a man had four chairs that were unoccupied. Our friends were with another couple. When they first asked, he ignored them. Finally, they said:

“You’re not supposed to take chairs you aren’t using?”

“What’s it to you?” he replied.

Begrudgingly and eventually, he gave up only two of his unoccupied-but-reserved chairs. He admitted to nothing, not even bad manners. They didn’t know his name, but it wasn’t Charlie.

Charlie wasn’t rude.

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