Shanghai Surprise This is Not

An article that crossed our desktop the other day revealed the following about cruising in China:

1. There are more people from China cruising than ever.
2. Cruise lines like Royal Caribbean and Costa are showing signs of shifting their emphasis, not to mention their ships.
3. In Shanghai, traffic has grown from 80,000 passengers in 2006 to an estimated 260,000 this year.
4. Twice as many international passenger lines (66) use Shanghai as a home port this year compared to last year.

This news was published in the Shanghai Daily News and if it comes as a surprise to anybody on this side of the Pacific, well, why should it? After all, for years more and more of our goods are manufactured in China, which means the country has grown economically, which means there is more affluence in the Chinese middle class, which means more cruisers.

Plus, more Chinese mainlanders are finding out how the free world lives, and liking it.

The impact on our cruise world is that we won’t be hearing about mostly river cruises in China, we’ll be hearing about ocean cruises calling China home.

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