A Quantum Leap In Cruising


Earlier this year, for the first time, we boarded one of the two “biggest cruise ships in the world” and, other than size, the lasting impression that Allure of the Seas had on us was this one:

What could be better?

Different, yes. Classier, maybe. Cozier, definitely. But better?

Well, here comes better. The word from Germany yesterday is that Quantum of the Seas, the next generation of Royal Caribbean ships, is going to be better. While it’s premature, of course, the early reports from cruise writers on the scene — including Phil Reimer of Ports and Bows — is that Quantum of the Seas is taking the industry into uncharted waters.

Royal Caribbean is calling this a “Smart ship” (as in smartphone) because in an age when cruise ships are always trying to one-up each other, Quantum has an impressive list of firsts.

For example:

• You will generate your own cruise documents, scan your own photo and pretty much check yourself in. Time: 10 minutes, “sidewalk to ship.”

• Wearing “Dick Tracy” watches (how old are you?), you will never get lost on the ship and you will open your stateroom with your watch. The technology is called RFID, and if you didn’t know that’s Radio Frequency Identification, you’re not as far into the 21st century as you thought…kind of like us.

• You will drink martinis and other cocktails, if you drink martinis and other cocktails, made by a robot.

• You will be able to play XBox, assuming that’s your thing, with other gamers…anywhere in the world, from a “SeaPod” in the “SeaPlex.”

There’s more but, all kidding aside, have you ever been able to do any of those things when going on a cruise?

Today at portsandbows.com: Phil Reimer’s spin on Quantum

Celebrity Reflection
7 nights
November 15, 2014
Miami (return): San Juan, St. Thomas, St. Maarten
Inside $569
Cost per day: $81

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