Costa the Apple of One Cruiser's i

There’s gotta be a connection here. We just spent the weekend with our three grown children (and families) and one of the topics of conversation was some in-house trading of cel phones so that their mother, O Travel Queen, would wind up with an iPhone instead of a Blackberry.

Yesterday, we read that Costa Cruises has launched a new iPhone application. Coincidence?

After all, this way the Travel Queen will be able to go on full-screen virtual tours of Costa’s 14 ships. That means, once she downloads her iPhone app — free — she can check out cabins and suites, wellness and fitness centers, restaurants and bars, even Grand Prix and golf simulators.

She’ll be able to follow her dream trip with an “interactive geolocalisation” system, which shows the position of all the ships in real time so that each ships’ journey can be “lived” day after day.

She’ll not only be able to examine Costa’s itineraries and ports of call, she’ll be able to check out prices and reservations.

And if she’s so inclined, she can do all this in any of six languages, or all six.

Knowing how much she likes to cruise, are we to believe her children just came up with this little iPhone scheme on their own?

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