What do YOU Want in a Shore Excursion?

Before our first visit to Lima, Peru, we spent considerable time reviewing the ship’s shore excursions. We found most a little too specific, and we wanted more of an overview, so we decided to blow the budget and book a full-day, private tour.

In our naivete, we thought that meant our guide (and driver) would have some ideas, and that we would have some input into what to see on a day in Lima. Hmmmm…not so fast!

Turned out the guide we hired had her own agenda, to the point that we were quietly chastised for walking away from her to take pictures of a picturesque hillside neighborhood. It happened that the neighborhood off in the distance was one of poverty, but it had colorful homes and we thought it would make a nice picture. Besides, we didn’t know it was poor until she told us. She was a lovely and bright woman, but she didn’t quite “get” what we were looking for in a tour.

Since then, we’ve discovered that Royal Caribbean has a plan that’s perfect for folks like us.

They have “excursion specialists.” They’ve introduced customizable half- or full-day private shore excursions, and planning it seems like a fairly simple process…you can even initiate the plan on Royal Caribbean’s website.

These excursion specialists create custom arrangements to suit individual tastes, or they provide you with a private vehicle and driver, and let you collectively decide on an itinerary.

Funny, that’s what we thought we did!

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