Travel Agents Find Carnival Customer Reading Preferences a Little Offline

Just when you think everything is going digital, it's not. Just when you think people who cruise can find everything they need to know online, they can't. Just when you think the travel agents who sell cruises are happy simply to send their customers to "www…" they aren't. Agents have told Carnival they want a BROCHURE.

At the risk of offending people who want to save every tree, printing a brochure isn't exactly a sign of the times. It may be a sign of the cruising times, which means cruisers like to leaf through pages and not screens, or it Carnival-WWell copymay be a sign of the "older demographic" that's always associated with cruises.

But Carnival?

These are the funs ships, the young ships, the hip ships. Travel agents, who are the front line of selling cruises, are responding to what their customers want. Not only that, the research compiled during Carnival's Quarterly Travel Agent Survey revealed what the cruise passengers want in the brochure.

Some of their preferences may surprise you…

• Detailed itineraries by DESTINATION. They care more about where they're going than where they're coming from…debarkation over embarkation.

• Deck plans and stateroom photos. Is there a cruise ship anywhere that doesn't have its deck plan, and photos of its staterooms, on the company website?

• Ship overviews and onboard highlights. Again, all online.

• An at-a-glance ship deployment grid. This probably is quite valid, because it's not always easy to figure out, quickly, which ship is going where and it can sometimes be frustrating to navigate a website trying to find where your favorite ship goes.

Meanwhile, print companies everywhere are likely celebrating what the travel agents are saying. And yes, Carnival will print the desired brochure.

Carnival Splendor
8 nights
December 11, 2013
New York (return): Port CanaveralNassauFreeport
Inside: $339
Cost per day: $42

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  1. Archie says:

    I receive brochures, catalogs, and almost small books from Princess and Oceania – two or three times a week in the mail.  Can't seem to stop them.

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