Hurricane Victim a Hurricane Victim?

If you're smarter than we are, and bajillions of people are, you might be able to figure out what we're about to tell you. But we can't.

It comes from WABC-TV in New York.

A woman named Joanne Keating was a victim of Hurricane Sandy, which eliminated her home less than a week before she was to take her grandsons and her mother on a Norwegian Jewel cruise to the Caribbean. Having lost virtually everything, she appealed to the cruise line — and its CEO, Kevin Sheehan — for either a refund or a re-scheduling. She was turned down.

"How can you go on a vacation when you lost every single thing you own?" she rhetorically asked WABC.

That was last November.

About six weeks later, TV star Katie Couric surprised 150 women who were Hurricane Sandy victims by announcing on her show (Katie) that they were all going — with their families — on a three-day cruise to Bermuda, free of charge. It wasn't spelled out whether the benefactor was Katie or the cruise line, or both, but it was a magnanimous gesture for people who had been victimized by the hurricane.

Guess which cruise line?


The TV station's calls to the cruise line were unanswered. Eventually, probably to find out what a competing cruise line would have done, WABC called Royal Caribbean. Ironically, the PR person who took the call was not only sympathetic but was from the New York area devastated by the storm.

And now, the woman who lost her home is taking the grandsons and her mother on a similar cruise, courtesy of Royal Caribbean, on Explorer of the Seas.

So why would Norwegian make a big deal of Katie's Sandy story and turn its back on another Sandy victim?

You tell us.

Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas
7 nights
July 14, 2013
Rome (return): Messina, Athens, Ephesus, Crete
Inside: $669
Cost per day: $95

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