Norwegian's Pool for Guppies, Too

News item: Norwegian is implementing a "Guppies" program for kids ages six months to three years…

We have just returned from spending 10 days with our youngest grandchild. She is 16 months old, and now that she can walk she seems to be everywhere. That's wonderful but it also means somebody — anybody — has to be everywhere with her. 

There were two of us. Throw in her parents, and the ratio was 4 to 1. Add a couple of her visiting cousins…6 to 1. And that darling little "Guppy" had everybody on the run.

Norwegian should have been watching.

On all 11 of its ships — 12 when the Breakaway arrives in May — the children's program is cleverly called Splash Academy. At the low (okay, small) end are the Guppies, the youngest "Norwegians" at sea. Like kindergarten and pre-kindergarten and before pre-kindergarten, this program recognizes the need for taking care of little ones.

To do that, Norwegian has created programs for the program. They're called Baby Art, Baby Rhyme Time and Motion in the Ocean, which now that you ask is a parent and baby mini-workout. Talk about redundancy!

And just in case any parents with little sailors don't find all of this inviting enough, Norwegian is offering to give the kids a free trip, as long as they're traveling with two adults…and it does take two, at least. The condition is the cruises have to be booked by the end of this week, and the noise you hear is the parents, scrambling to get to the phone or their computer.

The "sail free" and the kids' programs aren't just for little ones, they're for all "kids" 17 and under. Norwegian's people have a long history of doing their homework, so to speak, and that means they know what they're doing, even for the six-months-to-three-years crowd.

We just hope they did the math on ratios.

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